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Porta-Nails PortaJACK-PRO Floor Jack, Tightener & Straightener

  • Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc.
  • SKU: 111541
  • Model Number: 47100

The PortaJACK-PRO floor tightening jack is a professional tool offering a durable design capable of standing up to the rigors of daily use. Constructed of the best material available and designed with the professional installer in mind, it is a precision built tool that can deliver more than a ton of force and will provide you years of quality service. The PortaJACK-PRO floor tightening jack is designed to hold flooring strips tight and keep in place for nailing. Can also straighten crooked or bowed flooring strips and hold in the nailing position. It can apply more than a ton of force and provide the hold necessary to free the installer’s hands for nailing. The PortaJACK-PRO is designed as one tool that will both push or pull the flooring strips tight. With its removable shoe you can efficiently position the jack on the floor or in the field of flooring without damage to the floor

Tightens And Holds Flooring Strips In Place For Nailing • Straightens Crooked Or Bowed Flooring Strips • Teflon Coated Base Provides Protection For Pre Finished Floors • Removable Shoe For Placement In The Middle Of The Floor • Works Up Against The Wall And In The Middle Of The Floor • Rents Along With Floor Nailers & Staplers • Includes 2 Knob Screws For Easy Front Lip Removal • Delivers Over One Ton Of Force • Use for Solid and Engineered Floors