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Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: DeWalt Tools
  • Model Number: DW705

12" Compound Miter Saw

  • Manufacturer: Stone Construction, Inc.
  • Model Number: 1338

CF364 36" Power Trowel offers precision handling for the professional concrete finisher and include patented features not available on any other brand.

  • Model Number: F352

HD Turbo Dryer is great for getting high volumes of air into those tough to get to areas.

  • Manufacturer: ICS

Built to meet the operational and flexibility demands of the general construction market. The dependable 603GC is the perfect saw for the smaller openings

  • Model Number: 614277

Dry areas quickly with this compact, three-speed blower.
Quickly dry carpet, hard floors, fresh paint, concrete sealer and much more.
Ensure durability and many years of use with this blower's rotationally-molded body

  • Model Number: U Sand Pro

Using four-pad, random orbit technology, the U-Sand Pro sander makes floor sanding easy and worry-free

  • Manufacturer: Wagner
  • SKU: 553081
  • Model Number: 5687

Electric Wallcovering Steamer for easy removal of wall coverings

  • Manufacturer: Warner Manufacturing
  • SKU: 549436
  • Model Number: 250

Wallcovering Perforator tool designed by wallpaper professionals to make projucts fo smoother & faster. Helps save time and minimize problems

  • Manufacturer: Wacker Neuson
  • SKU: 7579
  • Model Number: WP1550A

Tough, wear resistant, ductile iron baseplate offering high strength and shock resistance. This patented computer designed baseplate has a tapered bottom and edges for high speed and excellent maneuverability. Designed for the compaction of granular and mixed materials with some cohesive content in confined areas such as parking lots, highway and bridge construction, next to structures, curbs and abutments

  • Manufacturer: Wacker Neuson
  • SKU: 9338
  • Model Number: BS50-2i

Patented oil-injected system provides reliable performance by eliminating spark plug fouling and carbon buildup. The no-mix system is an added convenience for operators. Plus an amazing fuel to oil ratio of 120:1 allows for longer and cleaner run tiems... up to 65 hours on a single tank of oil. A low oil shutdown switch prevents running the rammer without oil, for trouble free operation. Exclusive air filter compensation system allows for longer run time between filter changes

  • Manufacturer: Virginia Abrasives
  • SKU: 759434
  • Model Number: 416-50137

Pads White Polish 13 x 1. Available for retail purchase when renting polisher.

  • Manufacturer: Virginia Abrasives
  • SKU: 759384
  • Model Number: 416-50135

Pads Green Scrub 13x1. Available for retail purchase when renting polisher.

  • Manufacturer: Vermeer
  • Model Number: RT200

Boost productivity and reduce maintenance with the RT200 trencher. Ideal for electrical contractors, cable and telephone line installers, irrigation professionals and rental stores. The greaseless, composite headshaft pivot bushings and hydrostatic drive help keep you on the job longer. 2" ball for towing.

  • Manufacturer: Sumner Manufacturing
  • Model Number: 784310

2210 Lil' Hoister (10'/300 LBS.)

  • Manufacturer: Ridgid
  • Model Number: 32900

Cutter Soil Pipe, 246 1 1/2"-6" pipe

  • SKU: 432070
  • Model Number: 31105

Pipe Wrench 24" lightweight aluminum 824

  • Manufacturer: Ridgid
  • SKU: 430934
  • Model Number: 31095

Pipe Wrench 14" lightweight aluminum 814

  • Model Number: 36505

Threader with dies, No. 12-R: Capacity 1/8"-2"

  • Manufacturer: Powr-Flite
  • Model Number: P131-7

13" .5hp Floor Machine

  • Manufacturer: Powr-Flite
  • Model Number: C171HD

17" 1.5 hp Floor Machine

  • Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc.
  • SKU: 111541
  • Model Number: 47100

The PortaJACK-PRO floor tightening jack is a professional tool offering a durable design capable of standing up to the rigors of daily use. Constructed of the best material available and designed with the professional installer in mind, it is a precision built tool that can deliver more than a ton of force and will provide you years of quality service. The PortaJACK-PRO floor tightening jack is designed to hold flooring strips tight and keep in place for nailing. Can also straighten crooked or bowed flooring strips and hold in the nailing position. It can apply more than a ton of force and provide the hold necessary to free the installer’s hands for nailing. The PortaJACK-PRO is designed as one tool that will both push or pull the flooring strips tight. With its removable shoe you can efficiently position the jack on the floor or in the field of flooring without damage to the floor

  • Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc.
  • SKU: 705832
  • Model Number: 472

The 472 Portamatic S pneumatic flooring nailer is designed to staple ¾” thick wood flooring and includes a shoe pad for ½” wood flooring Designed to accept 1-1/ 2 or 2” 15 ga x ½” crown Flooring Staples. Operates at 70-90 PSI @ 3.5 cfm. A light tap of the mallet ensures the staple is set tight in the proper location every time for a wood floor that stays put. The Portamatic S is light weight; easy to use has an integrated safety to prevent accidental discharge. Porta-Nails 15ga. flooring staples are made of the finest materials and to provide superior holding power and will not let go. Porta-Nails are also available in stainless steel for ACQ treated materials. Cat # 47090 Wide Profile Shoe is available to position Portamatic TL in front of tongue to provide balance and protection for pre-finished flooring

  • Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc.
  • SKU: 128361
  • Model Number: 461A

The easy to use 461A Flooring Stapler is the fast and cost effective way to secure 1/ 4 In. to 5/8 In Engineered and Bamboo Wood Flooring, Today’s floors can present installation challenges due to the various dimensional profiles of the flooring. PNI’s commitment to provide solutions for the hardwood flooring installer is once again displayed with this easy to use Stapler that will adjust for various thicknesses and will accommodate three different lengths of fasteners. Bamboo and Engineered floors are easy to install and stay in place when stapled into proper sub floor systems. The 461A uses 1 In. to 1-9/16 In. 18 ga 1/4 In. crown staples. The 18 gauge staple provides superior holding power and its thin profile can help to prevent de-lamination of engineered flooring. The 461A’s adjustable shoe bases along with the adjustable Elevator Platform, for fine tuning the position of the staple, give you the versatility to obtain professional installation results with